How to Apply

The university accepts students from three main sources. These sources are: Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and other Turkic countries and foreign countries.

Acceptance of students from Kyrgyzstan is being performed every year according to University Student Selection and Placement Examination (Manas-University Entrance Exam) and Kyrgyzstan General State Exam (ORT).

Students from Kyrgyz republic take part in Manas University Entrance examination in declared by specified applications and centralized exam dates. Students are accepted to university  according to the results of the exam and preferences to departments and programs. According to the results of General State Exam held in the Kyrgyz Republic (ORT) applicants who are eligible to settlement in the framework of the quota given to departments and programs are accepted to university. Acceptance of students from Turkey is performed according to Turkish Republic Student Selection and Placement Center (SSPC). Students from Turkish Republic are accepted each year according to Higher Education Programs and Quotas published by SSPC and conditions under which the quotas are considered to be announced in the Guide section of preferences and are placed according to their preferences and scores. Students not from Kyrgyzstan and Turkey, but the Turkic countries are admitted from outside by the Commission of Relative Communities, established by the President's Office Admissions. Partner universities in other countries and communities, as determined by the commission sent to these countries and communities are assessed individually candidates bring to the Rector of the applicant University in the light of the criteria set by the Senate by the Turkish Republic and the Admissions Committee of Relatives of the Community. The assessment made in the form of interviews, secondary school achievement scores of the candidates, results of examination organized for citizens of CIC (Community of Independent Countries) are checked very attentively by SSPC Manas. As a result of the Commission's assessment candidates approved by the University Senate, departments and programs for language preparation program are considered to be determined at the end of the preparation course. Students succeeded in the language preparation course, will be placed to departments of Manas University according to SSPC Assessment exam results.

A one-year compulsory Preparation Education is implemented in the University. In preparation course Kyrgyz students learn Turkish language; Turkish students learn Kyrgyz language and students from other countries are to learn both Kyrgyz and Turkish languages. In addition students of international Relations department, Simultaneous translation department, Chinese language and Literature and English language and literature departments are taught other languages according to their department in preparation course.  Students who are successfully completed preparation course directly continue getting education in the 1 st course. Students are accepted through horizontal and vertical transmission from other universities to Manas University.