Faculty of Communication

All over the world, especially in the last quarter of the century the social, cultural, economic and political changes that we have witnessedhave gained strength with the developments in the field of communication.The responsibilities of communicators who undertake the main role in the interdisciplinary interaction is increasing and the importance of education in the field of communication is growing. 

With this approach, our faculty aims at developing the following skills within students from Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and other Turkic Republics, communities and neighboring countries:

· To be open to developments in the world;

· To follow values which are specified in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights;

· To develop skills to integrate with the world;

· To have skills to think analytically and critically, to workin teams;

· To have adequate level of education in Communication Sciences and to be able to work in all spheres of communication;

· To be responsible;

· To have social values;

· To be able to work at the world arena.

Our faculty have extensive technical infrastructure to train qualified journalists, publicists, public relations specialists, radio broadcasters,lobbyists that community and industry need.

At the departments of

· Public Relations and Advertising

· Journalism

· Radio-Television and Cinema

qualified teachers are employed to give practical and theoretical  classes and contribute to critical and creative thinking of students.

In addition to these we

· Encourage students to participate in the national and international film festivals, collegiate competitions, seminars and scientific meetings and other projects;

· Provide internships in Turkey, Kyrgyzstan and other countries;

· Offer scholarships and hostel facilities.

The mission and vision of Faculty are:


In our faculty we aim to present multi-cultural experience on communication education to the young generation of Kyrgyzstan and Turkey, and students from other countries and kin communities within a rich, academic environment; to lead this multi-cultural experience and accumulation of knowledge to responsible activities contributing to the world, and specifically to their societies.


Our vision is to train successful communicators, who are specialized in every field of communication, open to critical thinking, with developed skills in team work, able to adapt to the working environment all over the world and to work internationally.