Faculty of Science

Early in 2008, before the newly formed Faculty of Science opened its doors, it was included in the “Faculty of Arts and Sciences”. At the present, Faculty of Science includes three departments namely "Mathematics", "Applied Mathematics and Informatics" and "Biology". Each of the three departments admits students not only from Kyrgyzstan but also from Turkey, Central Asian Countries and the countries all over the world. The types of entrance examinations are Turkey ÖSYM, Manas ÖSYM and the Grand Examination of Kyrgyzstan. Our faculty is teaching 235 students with 1 9 full-time and twelve part-time teaching staff now in 2013 -2014 education year. 

"Mathematics" and "Applied Mathematics and Informatics" departments offer undergraduate degree in Applied Mathematics and Informatics Program and also MS and Ph.D. degree in mathematics. The department also offers mathematics and physics courses to other faculties as service courses. Physics laboratory for students was equipped with modern equipments which serve fundamental experiments for first year students of the university. "Mathematics" and "Applied Mathematics and Informatics" departments own a Computer Laboratory which includes 20 desktop computers. 
Department of Biology offers undergraduate degree in Biology. The department also offers some courses in the core programs to the students of Engineering, Agriculture and Veterinary Faculties. Botanic and Zoology application laboratories equipped with the necessary equipment and materials serve the undergraduate students as well as the researchers in biology. A botanical garden at one hectare of land was also built for the field studies of the student.

One of the main objectives of the faculty is to offer a well balanced education and to provide students with the opportunity to study a high-quality courses to improve their ability, performance and profession.