The following laboratories that established to develop the quality of education, scientific research, and practice skills of our students also support our university's educational activities as well.

Faculty of Science
1. Biochemistry Laboratory
2. Histology / Morphology Laboratory
3. Advanced Computer Laboratory

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
1. Kasım KARAHAN Distance Learning Class
2. Computers - SPSS Laboratory

Faculty of Fine Arts
1. Computer Graphics Laboratory

Faculty of Communication
1. Laboratory Fiction
2. Animation Lab
3. Graphics Lab
4. TV Studio

Faculty of Engineering
1. Central Research Laboratory (HPLS)
2. Environmental Analysis and General Chemistry Laboratory
3. Programming Laboratory
4. Biomonitoring Laboratory
5. Software Laboratory
6. Research-Based Advanced Computer Laboratory

Faculty of Veterinary
1. Laboratory of Anatomy
2. Histology / Embryology Laboratory
3. Microbiology Laboratory
4. Laboratory of Parasitology
5. Laboratory of Biochemistry
6. Physiology Laboratory
7. Laboratory of Animal Nutrition

Faculty of Agriculture
1. Garden and Field Crops Laboratory
2. Fitopology Laboratory 
3. Laboratory of Entomology and Nemotology

1. Theatre

School of Tourism and Hospitality Management
1. Kitchen Laboratory
2. Service Bar Laboratory
3. Front Office Laboratory

School of Foreign Languages
1. TUMDER - Translation Application and Multimedia Laboratory

Vocational School
1. Concrete Laboratory
2. Laboratory of Automotive
3. Computers - CAD Laboratory
4. Laboratory of Modern Office
5. Masonry Workshop
6. Wood Workshop