Readers have access to all the library holdings. The circulating library is only  at the disposal of personnel and students of Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University. Also by the system of interlibrary circulation other Universities’ personnel can borrow books from Manas University  library.

Terms of Circulating Library

Those who would like to use the circulating library service are to show identity card of Kyrgyz- Turkish Manas University. Students and personnel are allowed to borrow 5 editions at a time for a period of 15 days. In case there are no demands for the edition, the due date may be prolonged 3 times. If the edition is under demand by others you cannot have prolongation.
Reference, periodicals, thesis’ abstracts, reserved, video and audio materials are not under circulation. These editions are free to use only in the library.
If the book has already been checked out, it is possible to put a hold on it through personal access to electronic catalogue.  When the book is returned, you will be informed about it by email. The book stays at the ‘Hold Shelf’ for 3 days. If during this period there is no demand for the book, then the next to have put hold reader is informed or the book is returned to the library holdings.

Prolongation and Putting a Hold Procedure is here


Checked out editions are to be returned in time; for each book and each overdue day the fine is 3 soms. If the book has been lost, the reader has to replace it. If it is not possible to replace it, there is fine four times the book amount.


On entrance there is a cloakroom. The library does not bear responsibility for your belongings safety.
Keep quiet in the library. Do not work in groups.
Cell phones are not allowed.
Food and beverages are not allowed.
Follow the librarians’ instructions.


Photocopying service is at the library entrance. Only library’s materials are allowed to be copied.  The cost is set at the beginning of academic year. In 2009-2010  the cost is 1 som per sheet.

Operating Hours

Academic year
Monday – Friday: 8:30-20:00
Saturday –Sunday: closed
Summer period:
Monday-Friday: 8:30-17:30
Saturday-Sunday: closed

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