Dormitories & Housing Options

Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University provides students with several housing options. There are two new dorm buildings housing a total of 1456 students, and one subdivided apartment building housing a total of 900 students.

All dormitory facilities are modern, well-maintained, and have 24 hour heat, gas, electricity and water. In gender-segregated dorm rooms, four students share a spacious room furnished with beds, desks, chairs, cupboards and wardrobes. Rooms are designed to be light and filled with natural light. On each floor there are shared laundry, lavatory and shower facilities. Both dorm buildings have first floor cafes where students can study and chat. Student housing is located within the Jal campus, only several minutes walking distance away from the library, campus center, sports complex, and classroom buildings.

In their first year, many non-Bishkek resident students choose to take advantage of the housing available on campus. In their second year, students may choose to remain in the dorms, live in a university-owned apartment, or seek private accommodation outside of the university 


2014-2015 dorm rates are as follows:

Old Dorm Building: 400 som (~$7)/month

New Dorm Building: 900 som (~$15)/month

Shared Campus Apartment: 400 som (~$7) /month


Dorm buildings have 24 hour gate guards to ensure student security. Individual rooms have locks on the doors, and lower-floor windows are secured. Non-students are not allowed into the dorms, and in the past  years there have been any incidents of crime in the on-campus dorms. Surrounding areas are lit at night and campus grounds are patrolled 24/7 by campus security. KTMU provides a secure environment for living, studying and leisure at all hours of the day.