Bachelor's Degree 

The First Year Scholarship Quotas

Condition of first year scholarship quotas, prep class and first class during the first semester take the scholarship according to the following steps.

a. First Stage:  This category includes students who are in a list of 50 students according to the result of the OSYM, Kyrgyz State exam and the students who took first, second, third place from Olympiad.
b. Second Stage:  This category includes students who are in a list of 100 students according to the result of the OSYM and Kyrgyz state exam

Scholarships of Academic Success

This scholarship consider these students who finish first semester in a success. They have to get appropriate GPA in order to be scholarship student.
a. First Stage:   Academic scholarships take a students with GPA between 3,50 to 4,00. 
b. Second Stage:  Academic scholarships take a students with GPA between  3,00 to 3,49. 
National Athletic Scholarship

Representers of the national athletic from Kyrgyzstan and Turkey can take national athletic scholarship during their first year academic semester. They are allowed to take scholarship till second semester, up second semester they take scholarship according their studying performance in case if GPA over 2,50. These students have to participate for different competition from Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University otherwise university can cancel athletic scholarship for them. To be eligible to take national athletic scholarship students should have certificate from Ministry of Tourism and Sport that support them as a real athletics. These certificates firstly approve by University Senato and assign them scholarship.
Accommodation Support

University firstly provide with dormitory first year students and as for other students they take according to their academic achievements and their living place.

Master's Degree Scholarship

Master degree scholarship receives students of the Master Degree. These students can take scholarship according to their exam result. Up second semester master degree scholarship assign according to the student's academic achievement.