Russian Language Department organizes and provides Russian language courses for students of simultaneous translation, Russian language and literature departments and for academically successful students.

Teaching staff of Russian Language Department

There are well experienced and dedicated teachers who work in Russian language department.

In order to enrich teaching aids, workbooks and extra materials are being prepared to educate students.

Methods and techniques.

With the help of technical facilities classes are provided with audio-visual aids and learning aids as (TV set, DVD, Internet, projector, interactive boards) are widely used in classes.

Apart from regular classes students are encouraged to be involved in social events, to enlarge friendship network. These are considered to give students an opportunity for cultural connection.

For the extra language courses, methods and techniques are especially designed for the levels of learners.

Social events

A. Department of Modern languages

The head of the department: Kerim Tuzju

Subjects indicated in curriculum of Manas University in (Kyrgyz, English, Russian and German) languages with the aim of conducting it started working in 2013-2014.


Office: MERB-
Telephone: 541944
Ayzada Sakelova

Office: İLEF-516
Telephone: 492763
Code Name Credits ECTS Course Type* Syllabus
RUS-100 20 ( 20 - 0 ) 3 MC Download
* MC - Must Course, EC - Elective Course

The Department of Russian Language and Literature has been operating since the opening of the university. The activity of the department continues to this day. Russian language teachers improve their qualifications at quarterly methodological seminars held at the department. The teachers of the department, together with the students of the university, worked on the radio program "Russian Word" on the radio "Manas-FM", reflecting the culture and traditions of the Russian and Kyrgyz peoples (designed and written 40 radio programs in total).

Currently, the teachers of the department are preparing foreign students, future specialists in the field of Russian philology (department of Russian language and literature) and a simultaneous translator (Turkish-Russian program). Since the 2018 year, Kyrgyz students studying at the Department of Simultaneous Translation (Turkish-Russian program) have been studying at the Russian Language Department.