Department of Foreing Languages consists of 4 departments

  • Kyrgyz Coordinatorship
  • English Coordinatorship
  • Russian Coordinatorship
  • German Coordinatorship

The Department of Foreign Languages teaches language classes for students currently studying at KTMU. 

Students are required to study foreign languages, both by KTMU programs and by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic. Students are required to study Kyrgyz, Russian and English in their first year of studies, and some programs also require German. The Department of Foreign Languages was founded to meet these requirements. 

Studying foreign languages is an important part of university education. Languages not only allow students to communicate with people from other cultures, but allows students to learn about those same cultures. Students who master a foreign language can work abroad, or can work with foreigners in their home countries. This is why KTMU has placed a strong emphasis on the study of foreign languages.