University Registration Requirements, Final Registration, and Registration Cancellation


Article 10 - (1) The following conditions are required for registration in academic units:

a) To have gained the right to be admitted to the University as a result of the exams (Article 9).

b) Not being registered in another higher education institution providing formal education at the same level.

(c) To submit all documents required for registration as announced by the University.

(2) Candidates who are eligible to enroll in the University will register on the announced dates. It may be done personally or through a notary public appointed as his or her proxy. Students who fail to register within the specified period lose their enrollment rights.

(3) The registration process for a person who uses forged or falsified documents for registration or who is found to have forged the exams is not carried out. If it has been done, it is cancelled.

(4) Students who have been dismissed from a higher education institution are not registered at the university.