Student Admissions


Article 9 - (1) Students are admitted to the University according to the exam results listed below:

a) Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University Student Selection and Placement Examination conducted by Manas-ÖSYM for citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic and citizens of other countries, except for citizens of the Republic of Turkey who graduated from educational institutions of the Kyrgyz Republic.

b) General State Examination of the Kyrgyz Republic (ORT/GRANT).

c) Selection and placement exams for universities conducted within the framework of the Higher Education legislation of the Republic of Turkey.

d) Exams are selected according to bilateral agreements to which the University is a party or exams determined by the Senate for international students.

e) University exams to be held by the University for units that accept students with Special Talent Examinations.

f) Other exams recognized as equivalent by the Senate.

(2) The application requirements, exam principles, application forms, and exam dates for the exams to be held by units that accept students with Special Talent Examination and other issues are determined by the proposal of the relevant Unit Administrative Board, and by decision of the Senate until the end of April each year. Special Talent Exams can also be held outside Kyrgyzstan upon the proposal of the relevant unit and the approval of the Rectorate.