In some departments of (Tourizm, Agriculture, Translation) Kyrgys –Turkish University, to develop students’ professional knowledge  German language is taught as elective and obligatory subject. According to their professional requirements, to reach their goals students can have theoretical and practical lessons in German for specific purposes.

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* MC - Must Course, EC - Elective Course


       From 1995, when the university started its work, up to 2013 English, German, Russian and Kyrgyz languages were taught as a foreign language.  But in 2013-2014 according to the decision of the Ministry of Education of Kyrgyz Republic Kyrgyz language has become an obligatory subject for all first year students of the university. Therefore the number of the lessons has increased. At the beginning of  the same year second Department of Foreign languages was opened in High School of Foreign Languages and  four (Kyrgyz, Russian,English, German)  Coordinatorships started their work.

      In the given coordinatorship English language is obligatory for all students; German is obligatory for some faculties; Russian language is obligatory for all students excep Kyrgyz citizens; and Kyrgyz ;anguage is obligatory for all Kyrgyz citizens.