Academic Publications in SCI-E Indexed Journals (2024)

  • 2024-03-05

Influence of Boundary Conditions on the Behavior of Laminated Glass Curved Beam with Delamination Effect: An Experimental and Numerical Investigation

Author: Ebru Dural

Faculty/Institute: High School of Vocational Education

Department: Technical Programs


Renewable-based Treatment Solution of Reactive Blue 21 Dye on Fly Ash as Low-cost and Sustainable Adsorbent

Authors: Mehmet Kobya & Mustafa Dolaz

Faculty/Institute: Engineering

Department: Environmental Engineering


Human Exposure to Naturally Occurring Bacillus Anthracis in the Kars Region of Eastern Türkiye

Author: Mitat Shahin

Faculty/Institute: Veterinary Medicine

Department: Veterinary


Effect of Impact Angle and Speed, and Weight Abrasive Concentration on AISI 1015 and 304 Steel Exposed to Erosive Wear

Author: Refik Polat     

Faculty/Institute: Agriculture

Department: Horticulture and Agronomy


Selective Electrochemical Determination of L-Cysteine by a Cobalt Carbon Nanotube (CNT)-Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode (GCE)

Author: Nahit Aktash

Faculty/Institute: Engineering

Department: Chemical Engineering


Surgical Removal of Coenurus Cerebralis Cysts Located in the Brain of Sheep

Authors: Abuzer Tash, İsmail Shen, Fatih Hatipoglu, Hasan Huseyin Arı, Ruslan Salykov, Nur Abdymanap uulu & Aiperi Aitmyrza Kyzy

Faculty/Institute: Veterinary Medicine

Department: Veterinary