Greetings from the Dean

The Faculty of Tourism that established in the 2007-2008 academic year as a School of Tourism and Hotel Management continues facilities to educate students with three departments as tourism and hotel management, food and beverage management, travel management and tourism guidance.

Our qualified application units will meet all expectations of the Kyrgyzstan tourism sector with theoretical and practical knowledge in the best way by combining the qualified education and training.

Thus, our faculty continues the pioneering and leadership role among the colleges of tourism in Kyrgyzstan. Also our school's academic staff consists of the best teaching staff trained in the field of tourism and proven in Kyrgyzstan. Our students equipped with very good manners as a tourism practitioner can speak Kyrgyz, Turkish, English, Russian and German languages, can make their internship in the best tourism businesses in Kyrgyzstan and Turkey and as one who can find jobs in tourism very easily are trained. During their education period our students' missions; fulfill their responsibilities about themselves, their families and our universities and graduate with best knowledge and skills. In the creation of course programs in the Faculty of Tourism, tourism sector' expectations is considered as a priority in all academic activities and internship facilities. Well-equipped persons are given to business life as a result of consolidating the theoretical knowledge and practical information, seriousness of internship applications and giving importance to language teaching.

The Faculty of Tourism has been undertaking successful work in the field of tourism education with 13 full time academic staffs (4 of them research mentors, 9 of them lecturers) and 3 administrative staffs. With our faculty staffs continues to work in order to achieve the larger goals with responsibilities.

Yasin BOYLU