The Research Institute for the History, Languages and Archaeology of Eurasia has started 3D modeling studies for cultural heritage data in danger of destruction.

In the middle of the 18th century, the Kyrgyz people, who lived in the borders of Uzbekistan, regained their control of the Central Tian Shan, and this led to the region's meeting with a new architecture. The tomb-like structures in the cemeteries seen throughout Kyrgyzstan today continue to keep the Medieval Turkish-Islamic Architecture tradition alive.

Although these structures deserve a special academic research , they have not gone beyond being the material for a few articles . During the excavations we carried out as an institute in the Kuiruchuk Village of the Naryn Region, the tomb of one of the leaders of the Sayak tribe named Cini-Biy in the cemetery of the village of the same name attracted our attention. In order to keep the memory of this historical architecture on the verge of destruction alive, we have deemed it appropriate to prepare a 3D model.