Greetings from the Director

Since the Institute of Social Sciences in Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University is a research institution and, at the same time, it is the educational unit, it aims at carrying out researches which would have the universal values, as well as giving an education of international level. So, the main mission is to provide the students of the institute the opportunity to use modern research results which in compliance with basic values. Thus, in its work, the Institute holds all its activities to fulfill these goals.

Besides, the Institute is constantly being developed and enhanced, thus, it would be possible for the Institute to become the best in this field among other Institutes in Kyrgyzstan and Turkic World.

PhD program of Institute was prepared according to the Bologna process and meets the requirements of the international standards. Also, shares experience with other educational institutions located in Kyrgyzstan.

Since the establishment, Institute not only gives education but also became the source of realization of important scientific researches in the field of social sciences. Also, Institute will continue to pursue its activities in training scientists with a high academic level who meets all requirements of scientific world.

Our main aim is at fulfilling the goals set by two countries – founders of the University, namely, Kyrgyz and Turkish Republics, to contribute into development of this countries, as well as to the world progress.