English Language Department conducts preparatory classes of English language for  the students of Simultaneous translation, English language and literature, International relations and Finance and banking departments. 

Teaching staff of the English Department 

Teachers of the English department are young teachers who have worked in institutions of higher of Kyrgyzstan, who have shared a professional experience abroad and who gained lots of professional skills. 6 instructors have been teaching at the the English department.

Methods and techniques.

 Unlike the grammar translation method which has been used in different parts of the world from  ancient times, the main elements of modern language teaching methods are understanding skills ( reading and listening comprehension) and developing speaking skills (written and oral speech)connected with grammar are being used as an extra material. 

Main objectives are:

 Our main goal is to educate preparatory course students to the level of understanding the selected subjects of their departments. For this, students are taught 20 hours a week. Lessons are taught according to the above method. Textbooks such as New English File Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-intermediate, Advanced and Q: skills for success Reading, Writing and Speaking, Listening, as well as audiovisual materials such as CDs and video tutorials are used as educational materials. 

Work plan:

Seminars and trainings are held every month to improve the qualifications of teachers. Also, teachers are interested in participating in international conferences and seminars.

Bybysara Ykybaeva

Office: MERB-AZ-14
Telephone: 54 19 42-47

Office: MERB-225
Telephone: 541 942-47
Ayjan Bakalova

Office: MERB-229-B
Telephone: 54 19 42-47
Aigyl Elebaeva

Office: MERB-AZ-13
Telephone: 541942
Bermet Saadakova

Office: MERB-216-B
Telephone: 492770
Cholpon Djangandieva

Office: MERB-229-B
Telephone: 541944
Code Name Credits ECTS Course Type* Syllabus
İNG-100 20 ( 20 - 0 ) 3 MC Download
* MC - Must Course, EC - Elective Course


Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University was opened as an educational establishment on November 26, 1997, in the main office on Manas Avenue, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Department of English language has existed since the foundation of the university. And English Language Coordinatorship started its service for the first time in the 2013-2014 academic year under the Language Preparatory Department of Foreign Languages Higher School. At present our Coordinatorship serves in the university main campus at the address in Tınchtyk (Mira) Street 56, with 6 teaching staff and 99 students.