Annual Spelling Bee competition was held on November 12, 2021 at the main building's conference hall. It was organized by the English language Coordinatorship of Language Instruction Department, of High School of Foreign languages. It was a really exciting and colorful event which was enjoyed by the guests and students as well.

The dean of Humanities faculty, professor Ahmet Beshe was invited to be the main judge of the competition. Other invited judges were Altinay Toktomatova and Zarina Djayloobarva.

Contestants could show their strong ability to spell difficult words and did their best to win. After the several tense rounds , Begayim Mamatova won the 1st place, Elizana Kasimova won the 2nd place and Zarina Toktahunova won the 3rd place. We congratulate our students with this achievement, wish them further success.