As lifestyles around the world change, doctors and scientists have recognized the importance of physical activity. Children and adults are more and more often leading sedentary lives, which puts them at risk for developing health issues that can be quite serious. Physical education and sports are a way to encourage people to keep active, to establish healthy habits, and to create friendships and social connections. 

Meanwhile, sports are an important form of recreation around the world, with billions of fans and many influential teams. As sports become an even more influential sector of the economy, highly-educated professionals are needed to provide the necessary support for athletes and teams. Trainers and coaches are necessary in order to ensure athlete's health, and to help them reach their top physical form. 

The Faculty of Sports Sciences was founded in the 2008-2009 academic year, and since this time, has prepared students in two departments: the Department of Coaching Education and the Department of Physical Education. There are 80 spots in each department reserved for students from the Kyrgyz Republic, 4 spots for students three Turkey, and 6 spots for students from other countries, which means that a total of 90 students are admitted to the Faculty each year. Students are accepted based on their sporting ability and their ambition to become a trainer or physical education teachers. Upon completing their degree, students receive two diplomas, one of which is protected by the Kyrgyz government, and one of which is protected by the Turkish government. 

Education at the Faculty of Sports Sciences is held in Kyrgyz and Turkish. In their first year, students study Kyrgyz and Turkish, as well as attending general physical fitness courses intended to improve overall physical fitness. The Faculty has all the equipment necessary for students and future trainers.


Students also participate in national and international competitions, where our students quite often take home medals. Madina Nadirova, a third-year student at the Department of Physical Education, won bronze in Women's Sambo at the Asian Championship in Kazan, and was also a medalist at the 12th World Student Championship in Turkey. Kanym Burhan kyzy, a second-year student, won bronze in Belboo Kuresh at the Asian Championship, and another second-year student at the Department of Coaching Education, Imanbek Tentiev, is the two-time Asian Champion, and the silver medal champion in Sambo at the 2016 World Championship in Romania. 


There are an additional 25 Champions of the Kyrgyz Republic studying at our school, plus 8 Masters of Sports of the Kyrgyz Republic, and 75 Kyrgyz Universiade champions. 

History of the Faculty of Sports Sciences

The Faculty of Sports Sciences was founded in 2008 with the passing of a Resolution of the Senate of the university. The first graduates finished their studies in 2013, and since that time, 193 students have completed their studies here and now work as coaches and trainers in Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, and Kazakhstan. 


There are two programs at the Faculty of Sports Sciences: the Department of Physical Education and the Department of Coaching Education. Students from both departments receive a Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education upon completing the program. 

Goals of the Faculty: to give students pedagogical, biological, physiological, biochemical, biomechanical and sporting knowledge that they will need to advance in their careers; to acquaint students with the moral, ethical, and aesthetic principals of the field, as well as teaching and practicing methods; preparing professionals, broadly educated, who can carry out research, understand different types of sports, can teach and coach children, and who know the theoretical, methodological, practical, and scientific backgrounds of physical culture and sports. 

The Department of Coaching Education aims to prepare professionals in select sports who can uphold ethical norms, and who have the necessary knowledge in the areas of science and technology to train athletes for national and Olympic games, for championships, including athletes of different ages and abilities, and to attract more people to sports and healthy lifestyles in general. 

Students can work in any international sporting organization or instution in their chosen sport or position (including researcher, trainer, or teacher) because of their professional skills and language skills. 

Students study for a total of five years, which includes the preparatory language course. During the language course, students from Kyrgyzstan study Turkish, and students from Turkey study Kyrgyz, and students from other countries study both languages.