Greetings from the Dean

Currently, 164 students study at the two departments at the School of Physical Eduation and Sports. Their education is managed by three professors, nine assistant professors, and 19 experienced teachers and trainers. Over 500 students from the university in general participate in 18 different types of sports 3-4 times a week, and also represent KTMU at various competitions. 

The main goal of the School of Physical Education and Sports aims to train professionals who can make a contribution to the growth of modern sports and society, who meet national and international standards, who can think creatively and research, and who can preserve the ethical and spiritual values of sports. Our school meets all requirements set by the Bologna Process, which means that students can easily integrate themselves with the broader world. Students have access to everything necessary for their education, including five classrooms, a stadium, a martial arts dojo, a training room, plus places for tennis, wrestling, and intellectual sports. Our school also has technological equipment, including computers, projectors, televisions, scanners, printers, netbooks and notebooks. In 2015, a new sports complex was opened, which includes spaces for basketball, volleyball, tennis, gymnastics, and general fitness. 

Our future is growing every year, and our school is becoming bigger and better as time goes on. We are proud of the quality of our education and research, and we are proud of our students. Our school provides a service necessary for not just Kyrgyzstan, but for Turkey, the Turkic world, and the world as a whole. We aim to be an example for growth in the field of physical education and sport, and we envison a great future for our school.   

Kanat Januzakov