The Department of Physical Education plays an important role in student life at KTMU. Physical education, in schools and in universities, is necessary to keeping students happy, healthy, and engaged in their studies. It is well known that lifestyles are changing, and that this has affected health of students. Physical education teachers are an important part of schools and an important way to help students live their best lives and take care of themselves. 


The Department of Physical Education was founded in 2008 as part of the School of Physical Education and Sports. The first graduates finished their studies in the 2013-2014 academic year, and since then, 21 students have graduated. 

Objectives, Goals, Mission

The main goal of the Department of Physical Education is to teach highly-qualified physical education teachers. 

The Department also aims to give students pedagogical, biological, physiological, biochemical, biomechanical and sporting knowledge that they will need to advance in their careers; to acquaint students with the moral, ethical, and aesthetic principals of the field, as well as teaching and practicing methods; preparing professionals, broadly educated, who can carry out research, understand different types of sports, can teach and coach children, and who know the theoretical, methodological, practical, and scientific backgrounds of physical culture and sports. 

About the Discipline and Program

Students that earn a Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education should be competent professionals who have the knowledge and skills necessary from professional training to be competitive in the national and international job markets. 

Graduates can work in the following fields:

  • General physical education and sport;
  • School-based physical education programs;
  • Sport-based tourism;
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation;
  • Activites meant to improve health through movement and sport.


Graduates are prepared to work in schools and universities as instructors, and can practice their skills as instructors while still studying at KTMU. 

In order to enter the Department of Physical Education, students must pass entrance exams for the university, held each year by the Department of Admissions. 

There are 25 spots reserved for students from Kyrgyzstan, seven spots reserved for students from Turkey, and three spots reserved for students from other countries. In total, 35 spots are reserved for each department at the School of Physical Education and Sports. 

Students should have good athletic credentials and the aim to become a professional trainer. 

Students in Turkey can take the entrance exam at Selcuk University in Konya, which take place every year in July-August. 

Graduates receive two diplomas upon finishing their degree. One is protected by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic, and the other by the Republic of Turkey. 

Education is held in both Kyrgyz and Turkish. Students must spend their first year at preparatory language courses for Kyrgyz or Turkish (or both). 

Our department works closely with sporting federations in Kyrgyzstan and in Turkey. Each year, we hold seminars at the national and international level. For example, the 2012-2013 academic year seminar was about basketball, and the 2013-2014 academic year seminar was about general wellness. 

The Department of Physical Education, along with the Department of Coaching Education, actively participates in exchanges through the Mevlana Program. Students can spend a semester or an academic year at a university through this program. Teachers can also participate, and are able to travel and exchange experience with other teachers. Students with high enough grades can also complete summer internships in Turkey. 

Secretary of the Department

Ainura Sherimbaeva

Telephone: 492763-64

Extension: 938

Office: TEKM-7 oda