Eurasia Language, History and Archeology Research Institute was established to carry out excavations and surface surveys in other regions -especially in Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and in the regions where people are descendant of Turkish- to search for publications (magazines and books) in museums and libraries, to develop environments where researchers can get to know each other so that they can produce joint projects and lastly to carry out the activities listed below. Thus, these events can increase the cooperation between institutions of other countries working on with the same subject.

Activities planned by the Institute:

1. To conduct social, cultural, artistic and scientific research.

2. Organizing events such as courses, seminars, conferences, workshops, panels, exhibitions and concerts.

3. Creating an archive by documents, information, photos, maps, etc. 

4. To show and promote the results of research, publishing publications such as newspapers, bulletins, magazines and books, as well as making electronic publications.

5. To participate in international activities, to be a member of associations or organizations abroad, to carry out joint projects with these organizations and to help each other.

6. To organize and implement scientific and artistic competitions, exhibitions and award-winning programs.

7. To local and foreign academicians who are doing Master, Doctorate and Post-Doctorate studies on Turkish archeology and art and assist information sharing as an intermediary between domestic and foreign universities.