The foundation of the Institute of Natural and Applied Sciences
The decision related to the foundation of the Institute of Natural Sciences was taken by the Senate and presented for approval to trustees. After approval of trustees in 18 October 2001 and based on the 05.12.2006 and number 2006-25.100 decision of Senate begin his duties to organize, conduct and control graduate education at basic and engineering branches of the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Art and Sciences.

To provide opportunity to become qualified researchers in the field of science and engineering, to be the owners of scientific and technological skills and knowledge, and to discover themselves (instructors, researchers and others) in the best ways;
To provide opportunity for continuous development, evaluation and effective teaching of required educational programs;
To become the leader at European level in the Central Asia geography by organization and encouraging the foundation of new programs considering international developments and social needs;

The vision of Institute of Natural Sciences at Kyrgyzstan Turkey Manas University is to be an institution who prepare high qualified professionals and researchers who will contribute to society and the development of our country.