Greetings from the Director

Institute of Science and Technology is an important place in located in Kyrgyz Turkish Manas University at the beginning of Kyrgyzstan's elite and prestigious educational institution in the age of science graduate education and research activities continue to nurture scientists that we will come up with the science team.

Institute of Science and Technology, the students have graduated, and an independent investigator to convert original high quality research is an institution that can provide the necessary training and education process.

In this process it plays an important role in graduate education. In the scientific infrastructure has acquired universal scientific understanding, to train a productive scientist is essential. For this purpose, founded KyrgyzTurkish Manas University, Institute of Science and Technology aims to contribute to the scientific knowledge of the two communities.

Institute of Science, Computer Engineering, Food Engineering and Mathematics and an MSc and PhD in the Department of Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Biology and Plant Protection department also continues to operate with a high degree programs.

The vision of Kyrgyz Turkish Manas University of Science and Technology Institute; due to social values, keeping the satisfaction of social interests and stakeholders at the forefront, have assimilated the principle of equal opportunities, participants savvy, environmentally conscious students and academic staff profile, closely linked to scientific ethics, national, and respected the world of science on an international scale, quality-oriented, producing and it is to become a credible institution.

Best regards.

 Professor Doctor İsmet Altıntaş