Institute of Social Sciences in Kyrgyz Turkish Manas University, which offers MA/MS programs, namely, Turkology and History, was founded in 2001. Later MA/MS programs in Economics, Management, Finance, Communication, Pedagogy, Tourism and Hotel Management, Theology and Islamic Studies, International Relations, Sociology, Translation and Interpretation, Educational Administration and Supervision of Lecturers were opened, as well as PhD programs in Turkology, History, Economics, Management, Finance, Communication.

The post graduate programs of Institute are presented by 53 academicians, that is, 21 Professors, 19 Associate professors, 7 Assistant professors, 6 Senior Lecturers.

Students of Institute are constantly receiving scholarship according to their progress in entrance examination and Institute's Scholar Regulation. M.S. and PhD Students receive 50$ and 70$, respectively.

Mission of the Institute of Social Sciences is to train researchers, academicians, professionals, managers mainly from Kyrgyz and Turkish Republics, which are suitable for needs of Scientific World. Also, we aim at training researchers which have quality to produce alternative thought and universal values.

M.S. (M.A.) and PhD Programs level education in accordance with our social values, taking into account social satisfaction and contentment of citizens. At the same time, the institute keeps the principles of equal opportunity, values of scientific ethics, keeping emphasis on quality of education in national and international level.