Brief Description

Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University was opened as an educational establishment on November 26, 1997, in the main building on Manas Avenue, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Initially the education was conducted in Turkish and English. In 1999-2000 academic year, the academic committee officially founded the School of Foreign Languages. The School of Foreign Languages made its own contribution to improve the quality of education. It updated structure of the academic committee in 2012-2013 and fully meets the standards of modern education. Senior instructor Muhittin Gumush was the first director of this School. Professor Zamira Kasymbekovna Derbisheva was the director of School of Foreign Languages from 2002 to 2014. Associate Professor Taalaibek Abdiev has been the director since March 2014.

Goal of the School

In preparatory department students of all faculties, higher professional schools study Turkish and Kyrgyz compulsory as languages, since education is carried out in the Turkish and Kyrgyz languages in our university. In faculties and higher professional school, students have language classes. They are taught English, Kyrgyz, Russian, and German languages as foreign languages. All activities of Kyrgyz Turkish Manas University are aimed at effective language teaching and providing excellent education. 


Our mission is to join teenagers of different countries and societies who are members of Turkish speaking nations, encourage all societies to educate their members by collecting them around one aim, good qualified, standardized modern student who will respect cultural inheritance of Turkish world and will feel own responsibility in front of society, develop Turkish civilization along with adding deposit to international science.


Our aim is to be a school that gives education at highest degree and serves society by means of methods that are used in the process of teaching English, German, Russian and Chinese languages and scientific researches.


1. In preparatory department students of all faculties, professional schools are taught Turkish and Kyrgyz languages, since education is carried out in Turkish and Kyrgyz languages in our university.

2 . In the faculties and higher professional schools students have language classes. The Kyrgyz language is a compulsory subject for all students of all faculties and higher professional schools. Students also study English, Russian, German languages as compulsory/elective foreign languages.

3. In preparatory department students also get deep knowledge in English, Russian, Chinese languages depending the major students choose.

4. Our school organizes Kyrgyz, Russian, English, Turkish language courses for the university staff.

5. Our school organizes Kyrgyz language course to fulfill the demand and desire of the Kyrgyz state institutions.

6. Our school organizes Turkish language course to fulfill the demand and desire of private and state institutions.

7. Our school organizes language classes for students from social science institutions and Humanities institutions.

8. Our school in cooperation with the Ministry of education organizes language teaching seminars for Kyrgyz language teachers who work in Russian language schools.

9. Our school works in close cooperation with the Ankara University, TOMER (Turkish Teaching Center) and other institutions.

10. Our school carries out collaborations in the field of education according to the agreements signed by the university rectorate.