Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University has accepted as one of its main duties the provision of quality education between the Turkic Republics since its establishment. We strive to educate Turkish youth as conscious, self-sufficient, responsible individuals with a common understanding, through a modern education system. Our university encourages its students to dream of a new civilization by protecting their own cultural values and contributing science to the world. Our university, with its academic staff and students, has adopted the principle of cooperation between the Turkic Republics in the fields of language, science, history, literature, culture, art, economy and sports to the highest levels and at the same time reaching the universe by producing human values.


Among the main objectives of our university is to be a “Respected, Productive and Recognized University at the International Arenas” that has proven itself in international arenas, has a wealth of academic experience and a leading, participatory spirit and philosophy; at the same time contributing to the Turkish World and civilization by benefiting from the basic accumulations of the Turkic World from the past; Our goal is to be a modern, leading, innovative, entrepreneurial, open to change and development, and the most desirable university in our region. At the same time, contributing to the production economy based on Kyrgyzstan's resources and focusing on training manpower are among the important goals of Kyrgyz- Turkish Manas University in the twenty-first century.