To discover the traditional sport and games in various geographies, especially Turkic peoples and relative communities, which have been played, forgotten and/or about to be forgotten, by using written, oral, archaeological data and sources, to conduct and organize research procedures and principles related to traditional sport and game research and development, implication, promotion and academic publication through postgraduate education and training, to carry out joint projects, exchange programs, practices, scientific meetings, especially with related international institutions and academic publishers for international academic publications.


To train experts in traditional games and sports by providing postgraduate education to collect qualified publications in the field with them, to translate them, especially in Kyrgyzstan and Turkish language, and to create archives with them, to identify field-related problems in Turkic world, and then develop our thesis and announce to the world,

To include scientists who conduct qualified scientific researches, especially language, history, literature, culture and archaeology in Turkish Republics and Related Communities in the activities of the institute,

To have a strong institutional identity in its field with scientific data and archives, to develop the effective organizational ties between the Turkic World and global communities with this strong institutional structure, and to lead the scientific research in this field by focusing on the traditional sport and games of the Turkish Republics and relative communities.