Agriculture has become an important field in the world today. Agriculture is the basis for human life, as producing food is necessary for sustaining the world. As population grows and the climate changes, there are more and more natural disasters, such as droughts, flooding, and unusual weather patterns. Scientists are needed to fight infections and pests, to introduce alternative fuels, and to adapt agriculture to meet the needs of the world today. 

Agriculture is right in the middle between economics, science, and the social sciences, and has successfully combined man, nature, and technology into one field. Agriculture has grown from simply meeting industrial needs to attracting capital and investment, and is a major employer and consumer of raw materials. In order to keep developing the field, new experts are needed, who can apply technology and research to solve the growing problems faced by humanity. 

The Faculty of Agriculture offers educational, research, and informational events related to relevant problems in Kyrgyzstan. These events are carried out to hep solve the most pressing problems at the national and international levels. 

We want to make agriculture a competitive and highly-productive sector in Kyrgyzstan's economy. In order to achieve this goal, we are ready to cooperate with relevant organizations - public organizations, local government, industry, and local farmers - and to educate the next generation to work together and face the problems in the world today.