Career Opportunities Seminar Held in Data Visualization and Coding

  • 2023-01-18

A Seminar was organized by the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences of the Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University on a specialization certificate program that will start at the Continuing Education Center.

A seminar on Career Opportunities in the Field of Data Visualization and Coding in the Age of Digital Transformation was given and the purpose, scope and objectives of the specialization certificate program on "Application Development with Kuika", which will be initiated by the Continuing Education Center, were also explained by Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and Advisor to the Rector Prof. Dr. Serhat Burmaoğlu.

Experts from Turkey attended the seminar online as well.

With the specialization certificate program, which will be organized for university staff and students, it is aimed to increase the gains obtained with rapid developments in technology and digitalization and to turn it into a career opportunity with a high reputation.

Kuika offers rapid application development and new software capabilities with a model-based platform developed with up-to-date software technologies.


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