Access to the “LEHÇEDİZ Dictionary”

  • 2024-05-23

The “LEHÇEDİZ Dictionary” has been made available to our university. The dictionary is a comprehensive database that provides data on all historical and contemporary texts of Turkish Literature. Each word and phrase in the included texts has been separately interpreted and grouped.

Now, without needing to carry thick dictionaries, research can be completed in seconds without having to translate thousands of pages for scientific research. Thousands of data points can be obtained for a scientific book or article through a system accessible with only an internet connection. It is the ideal and only source for departments such as History, Turkish Language and Literature, Turkish, Contemporary Turkish Dialects, Librarianship, and any other departments that require research on texts.

You can access the “LEHÇEDİZ Dictionary” on the library web page or at this address.

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