Mountaineering Federation of the Kyrgyz Republic Visits Our University

  • 2023-06-01

The Mountaineering Federation of the Kyrgyz Republic`s Vice President Marina Galtsova, Mountaineering Coach Nikolai Gudnik and federation members Mirbolot Koichumanov, Torobek Junusov and Daria Abdimetalieva visited our university. During this important visit, the federation members met with our Rector. They stated that they plan to climb Mount “Agry” at the end of June and want to raise our university`s flag on the peak.

The Federation members also expressed their gratitude for our university's opportunities, services and support. The Federation members conveyed the greetings of Kyrgyzstan Mountaineering Federation President Eduard Kubatov, who could not attend the visit. They presented the book “My Everest” written by Eduard Kubatov to our Rector.

The Rector expressed his satisfaction with the visit and stated that Manas University provides all kinds of contributions to sports, they have opened the Traditional Sports Games Square, and they underline the importance of mountaineering to the community. Also Rector stated that the students will establish a Mountaineering Search/Rescue and First Aid Club (DAKİK) and that they will work in cooperation with the federation in this context. The Vice President and Federation members visited Media Manas and met with student representatives. This productive visit was an important step towards cooperation in sports and mountaineering.

Press and Public Relations Office

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