Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Embrace English-Language Instruction

  • 2023-06-04

In a significant move towards globalizing its curriculum, the Department of Economy and Management Department of the Faculty of Economy and Administrative Sciences have embarked on a transformative journey. With a strategic decision to deliver 30% of their courses in English, this initiative aims to prepare students for an increasingly interconnected and English-dominated business world.

Leading this pioneering effort, a faculty member of the Management Department Assist. Prof. Dr. Seyil Najimudinova, and a faculty members of Department of Economy Assist. Prof. Dr. Junus Ganiev and Assist. Prof. Dr. Damira Baygonushova, have successfully completed a rigorous 3-month training and experience-sharing program. This program, which ran from February 19 to May 18, 2023, empowered these educators with the essential skills and pedagogical insights to deliver high-quality instruction in English.

Founded in 1997, the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences has been a cornerstone of academic excellence since its inception. With its inaugural graduates emerging in 2002, the faculty is dedicated to nurturing forward-thinking individuals, imbuing students with self-confidence and an entrepreneurial spirit. Equipped with the necessary infrastructure, modern technology, and a cadre of professional educators, the faculty is steadfast in its mission to produce graduates capable of thriving in both private and public sectors.

Comprising four departments — Economy, Management, Finance and Banking, and International Relations — the faculty also extends graduate degree programs to its ambitious students. A unique feature of these programs is the opportunity for students to study Turkish and Kyrgyz languages while also having the option to explore other languages. The faculty prides itself on a roster of renowned scholars and educators, each an expert in their respective fields. Their commitment to delivering top-notch education is evidenced by the publication of numerous scientific studies in internationally indexed journals.

Moreover, the faculty actively engages in the dissemination of knowledge through seminars and workshops designed to enhance students' professional skills. Demonstrating a strong commitment to social responsibility, the faculty plays an integral role in the development of the local community and beyond.

As the Economics and Management Departments at the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences usher in this era of English-language instruction, they are poised to equip students with the global competencies needed to excel in a rapidly evolving professional landscape. Graduates of this esteemed institution have gone on to make significant contributions in Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, and other advanced economies, cementing the faculty's legacy as a beacon of academic achievement and innovation.


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