Computer Donation from Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University

  • 2024-02-02

Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University extended significant support to the Orta-Alysh School named after Ahmatbek Suiumbaev as part of its Social Responsibility Project.

Contribution to Technological Infrastructure: Computer and Modem Donation

On February 1, 2024, the Rector of Manas University, Prof. Dr. Alpaslan Ceylan and Secretary General, Prof. Dr. Oktay Ozgul visited the school in Baitik Village, donating 10 computers and 3 modems to enhance the education of students.

During the visit, the school's director Zeinep Kozhomkulova expressed gratitude to Prof. Dr. Alpaslan Ceylan for the significant contribution to strengthening the material and technical infrastructure of the school. In her speech, the director noted that, despite facing financial difficulties, they had made numerous sponsorship requests, all of which received negative responses. In contrast, Manas University did not remain indifferent to the request and responded promptly.

“We Want to Benefit Every Region of Kyrgyzstan”

Rector of Manas University, Prof. Dr. Alpaslan Ceylan stated, “As Manas University, we consider all schools in Kyrgyzstan as our own educational institutions. Therefore, we aim to benefit every region of Kyrgyzstan.”

Rector Ceylan expressed pride and happiness that Manas University students are working as teachers in Kyrgyzstan. Rector Ceylan also mentioned that Manas University is ready to provide support to the teachers at the school to learn the Turkish language within the scope of the Social Responsibility Project. He added, “We, as Manas University are ready to offer all the support we can to your school.”

As part of the visit, the representatives of Manas University were presented with a Certificate of Appreciation by the school director for their contribution.

With the computer support, intended for the needs of students and teachers, Manas University not only strengthened the technical infrastructure but also built educational and cultural bridges.


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