Seminars on Scientific Research Continue at Manas University

  • 2024-03-28

On March 28, 2024, the seminar was held as part of the Scientific Research Design Seminars of the Manas University. The seminar led by the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Prof. Dr. Serhat Burmaoglu, attracted great interest among academicians and graduate students.

The seminar provided critical information on writing scientific articles and theses. Participants were given important tips on how to write articles and theses more effectively, including spelling rules and the use of the mother tongue.

Addressing the research process in the field of Social Sciences, Prof. Dr. Serhat Burmaoglu drew attention to the necessity of a different perspective in scientific article writing. He listed the steps to be taken to increase the academic quality of the studies and emphasized the importance of sharing the articles written in the right publication channels.

The seminar, organized to improve the quality of academic studies, contributed to the participants ability to take more conscious and effective steps by providing a new perspective on the scientific research process.


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