Self-development and student counseling center
Goals and objectives of the center:

The basis of the service is to ensure the psychological health and personal growth of students. Providing psychological assistance in overcoming crisis and stressful situations, optimizing interpersonal relationships, in finding and understanding oneself, one's needs, values and goals. Conducting psychodiagnostics and providing the necessary recommendations. Working with professional self-determination. Psychological correction of behavior, the study of socio-psychological processes in their environment, the formation of a positive attitude towards learning, social norms and values. Formation of a sense of tolerance for intercultural differences in students through the prism of deep respect, understanding and self-knowledge. Psychological support of a student in short-term, long-term and group consultations.
The appeal is possible under the following and similar circumstances:
o When it is difficult to define personal and social goals
o When making decisions related to study and future profession
o When having problems adapting to a new environment
o Short-term and long-term individual consultations are also provided
o Group consultations, seminars on personal growth
o Along with individual consultations, students are provided with various information related to the university.
During the year, preventive work is carried out on the self-organization of the student's personality. These are social and psychological trainings and seminars.
Our principles are voluntariness and confidentiality.
Address: Center for self-development and student counseling. Student campus by Chyngyz Aitmatov, 720038, Jal, Bishkek. Student hostel, block A, 1st floor, room 103. 
Information by phone: 49 27 59 (internal number: 863, 692) 
Contact Information:
Student campus by Chyngyz Aitmatov, 720038, microdistrict Jal, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan