The regulations of the Student Council  and student clubs of Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University were adopted by the Academic Council of the University, # 2001-34, dated 01 March 2001. This gave students the opportunity to represent their interests on educational and training issues in the relevant committees and platform. Also, the University began to assist participation in social –cultural and sport events. The Student Council is an organization authorized to represent the interest of students both within the university and beyond. It establishes communication between students and university administration, thereby increasing student participation in university management. Participation in university management is realized through participation of student council members in meetings of faculties and departments, as well as the Student Council.

The Student Council acts as a bridge between students and administration. It plays a very important role in dealing with different kinds of problems/opinions of students and their resolution.

In addition, the Student Council carries out relevant activities and takes measure aimed at resolving the problems of students.

Students Clubs

The student clubs are an indispensable part of  the campus life. The student clubs have been organized by our students for the purpose of developing personal traits, teamwork skills, and carrying out activities beyond classes in order to satisfy educational, scioal, cultural, and sports needs. In the 2018-2019 academic year at our university more than 36 clubs are being active.

The Students Clubs of KTMU:

  1. Club Agroprogress
  2. Theater club
  3. International Relations Club
  4. Young Publishers Club
  5. Eco-Club "Biota"
  6. Communication and public relations club (PR club)
  7. Literary club
  8. Photography club
  9. Manas Art club
  10. Computer Science club
  11. Intellectual club "OilonShow"
  12. Cycling club
  13. Historical Club of Central Asia
  14. Animal lovers club
  15. Club of Young Marketers
  16. Youth Project Club
  17. Tourism club
  19. Debate Club (Russian league)
  20. Debate Club (Kyrgyz League)
  21. Economy Club
  22. Sketch Club Tamashaka
  23. Charity Club Ak-Niet
  24. Snowboarders Club
  25. Club AIESEC
  26. Personal self-development club
  27. Cinema club
  28. Search and Rescue and First Aid Mountaineering Club
  29. English Conversation Club
  30. Music club
  31. Biolife Club
  32. Club Damla
  33. Reading Club
  34. ChemClub
  35. I want to speak Russian
  36. Translators Club