Kyrgyz-Turkish "Manas" University supports and finances research projects submitted by faculty members and researchers with PhDs or qualifications in arts education.

Research projects - are projects, the results of which will contribute to science and to the economic, social, cultural, technological development of the Turkic peoples and communities.

The principles and rules regarding the submission of applications for projects, their evaluation, acceptance, financing, evaluation of results, as well as the implementation of related services are described in the “Directive of the Project Coordination Department of KTU Manas”.

The evaluation of applications for research projects is carried out by the Research Projects Commission. Other projects that do not have the character of scientific research are considered by the Project Development Commission.

Applications for projects are submitted in the "Project Application Form" regardless of any calendar. Project proposals undergo a preliminary assessment within the commission, and are also sent for an expert opinion. Project proposals, which have been approved by the relevant commission, are then submitted for consideration to the Rectorate, and then approved by the Administration Board of the University. Projects approved by the Administration Board of KTU "Manas" are allocated funding.